Guía, trucos y ayuda de Guía Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (3DS)

Name Effect Found
Concentración Hit +10, Avoid +10  
Coselete Halves damage received from Bows  
Deicida Capable of slaying Gods  
Dios User belongs to the God family  
Disciplina Hit +10; applicable for Black Magic only  
Don de Duma Prevents enemy attacks  
Dragón User belongs to the Dragon family  
Ej. curativa Restores HP after KOing an enemy  
Encarnación Restores 5 HP each turn  
Estilete Deals effective damage versus armoured enemies  
Exorcismo Deals effective damage versus Terrors  
Fantasma Halves damage received from Bows and Black Magic  
Furia Increases Critical rate when under half HP
Gran bestia User belongs to the promoted Terror family  
Grito aciago Seals enemy magic after combat  
Influencia Range +1; applicable for Black Magic only
Inmunizar Immune to poison, paralysis, etc.  
Luz sanadora Restores 5 HP to adjacent allies at the start of each turn  
Magia + 5 Might +5; applicable for Black Magic only  
Maldición Avoid -20 for all enemies within 3 squares  
Maleficio User may damage themselves instead  
Milagro (Luck x 2)% chance of surviving a fatal attack  
Montura User belongs to the Cavalry family  
P. dragontina Halves damage received  
Pacto User doesn’t expend HP when casting spells  
Púas oscuras Damages all enemies in range  
Purificador Boosts damage by 10 versus Terrors  
Refinamiento Range +2; applicable for Black Magic only  
Reinventarse Two of user’s growth rates are shuffled 8 times (except Res)  
Res + 5 Resistance +5  
Santuario Halves damage received from Terror  
Tortura triple (Skill / 2)% chance of inflicting poison, spellbound or stun with a successful hit Yasha
Transferir User can teleport next to enemy and perform an action  
Transmutar User’s weapon deals magic damage (targets Resistance)  
Turbulencia Damages all enemies on the map  
Vindicación User counter-attacks regardless of range (Black Magic only)  
Volador User belongs to the Flying family